Senior Scholarships

Application Program Overview

Jordan Theatre Company Booster Club awards scholarships to senior students who have made outstanding contributions to the theatre department during their high school career. The granting of scholarships occurs in accordance with the Scholarships Program developed by JTC’s Scholarships Advisory Panel. This program is reviewed annually by the JTC Booster Club Executive Board and is designed to meet IRS requirements: (i) to protect the integrity of Jordan Theatre Company’s s.501(c)(3) status, and (ii) prevent unwelcome tax burdens upon Jordan Theatre Company.

Scholarship Timeline

Application Steps and Dates

There are several steps involved in applying for a JTC scholarship. There are critical dates you need to be aware of, which include the deadline for submitting the Scholarship Applicant Eligibility Verification Form, which is the date for submitting the scholarship application form and the supporting materials.

Scholarship Information

Guidelines and Forms

Prior to submitting the Application for a Jordan Theatre Company Booster Club scholarship, a student needs confirmation that they meet all of the scholarship eligibility requirements. Jordan Theatre Company Booster Club determines the student’s eligibility by reviewing the Scholarship Applicant Eligibility Verification form (SAEV form). Click below for information and forms.

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